In Baguio, No Sugar-coating of Covid Situation

In Baguio City, you get Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) facts and situation straight up, no sugar-coating.

 Mayor Benjamin Magalong had always emphasized the value of truthfulness in informing residents of the obtaining situations and factual information including those on the ongoing pandemic especially since this concerns the health of the populace.

 “We don’t like to lie to you.  The worst thing that a local chief executive can do is to lie to everyone and tell them that the situation is okay when it is not,” the mayor said in his address during the flag-raising rites last Aug. 16.

 “That is not the way we do it in the city of Baguio. People deserve to know the truth and telling them the true situation would make them more conscious of their health and do something to protect themselves,” he added.

 He said there was also never an intention to sow fear.  “Just the facts straight up, no alterations so nobody gets misled.” / Aileen P. Refuerzo


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