2 agoho trees in Peoples Park about to collapse

BAGUIO CITY – Personnel of the City Environment and Parks Management Office (CEPMO) declared the two agoho trees within the Peoples Park adjacent to Magsaysay Avenue are on the verge of collapsing anytime, especially during strong winds, if their branches will not be immediately cut to lessen the weight while at the same time leaving the half part of the trees to rejuvenate.

In response to a Memorandum handed down by Mayor Mauricio G. Domogan for the CEPMO personnel to explain the controversial trimming of the two agoho trees that earned the ire of the public, Public Services Officer IV Jones A. Gas-ib, Public Services Officer III Arturo A. Killip, Jr. and Environmental Management Specialist II Walter U. Aguirre explained prior to the trimming activity done on the two agoho trees, they actually examined the condition of the two big trees and they noticed that their base and primary roots were very loose due to the effects of Typhoons Karen and Lawin.

The CEPMO personnel pointed out because of the urgency of the trimming activity for reasons of public safety, and to meet the prescribed deadline for the opening of the park on November 20, 2016, they took the initiative to immediately proceed with the trimming even as they also coordinated the matter with the Forestry Division to work out the processing of the trimming permit.

“Unfortunately, Villamor Bacullo, a forester, attended a seminar for three days, thus, causing the delay in the processing of the required trimming permit,” their joint reply to the memorandum stated.

With regard to the other tree which is adjacent to the Mido Inn, the CEPMO personnel revealed there was indication of advanced center rot at the main branches where smaller branches were connected, thus, to prevent the possible spread of rotting stage, there was a need to cut the affected main branches to allow rejuvenation and for new branches to sprout,

According to them, remedial measures have been adopted to plant the site, especially the area near the two newly trimmed agoho trees with four Norfolk pine trees with the height of 10 to 14 feet to replace previously uprooted agoho and pink shower trees and that the same was already coordinated with the contractor of Peoples Park renovation for the same to be fastracked.

Moreover, the CEPMO personnel apologized to the local chief executive and other authorities concerned for not first obtaining the permit before proceeding with the trimming activity but they assured that the said lapse on their decisions will not happen again in the future./By Dexter A. See


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