4 barangays to manage common MRF in Baguio

BAGUIO CITY– The common materials recovery facility (MRF) of Lualhati, Gibraltar, Pacdal and Mines View barangays is now fully operational upon the compliance of certain conditions agreed upon for the purpose, after the assessment conducted by the representatives of the Cordillera office of the Environmental Management Bureau (EMB-CAR).

The MRF will initially be handled by the ornamental vendors utilizing the front area under the supervision of a designated accountable official.

The EMB-CAR requested the concerned barangay councils to pass a joint resolution designating Kagawad Julius Ampal of barangay Lualhati as the accountable official.

Gibraltar Punong Barangay Edward Aclopen volunteered the use of their barangay vehicle to transport recyclables from Gibralatar, Mines view and Lualhati to the MRF and that there should be a drop-off center for every purok where the residents can drop their recyclables.

As for Pacdal, it was agreed that scrap buyers will handle the transport of their recyclables to the MRF. A recorder should be present in the area to record the names of the residents with the corresponding weight of their recyclables. Payment will be given to them after the recyclables are brought to the MRF. The schedule of collection will be Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 10 am to 3 pm.

EMB-CAR regional director Reynaldo Digamo said the buying price of the MRF should match the buying price of the ambulant buyers and that the determining factor of the price of recyclables will be the current market value at the end-point junk shops.

Earlier, the four barangays passed a resolution banning the entry of ambulant buyers in the said barangays which must be strictly implemented to allow the full potentials of the MRF.

However, the pre-registered scrap buyers of Pacdal can still collet recyclables from residents and that they are mandated to bring their collections to the MRF for subsequent payment.

The four barangays were also mandated to formulate a proposed development plan to be submitted to the city government since the dispute over the fencing of the MRF remain to be unsolved and that any possible fencing of the MRF might add to the already stressful situation between the claimants and the city government.

Digamo proposed that the four barangays come up with a proposal regarding the re-operation of the clustered MRF to address the predicaments faced by the barangays and the MRF operation, and to request the local government for a financial assistance worth P100,000 to serve as the MRF’s seed money.

He said that 10 percent of the amount will be given out as incentives as agreed upon by the barangay officials of the four barangays.

While the fencing of the property awaits approval and implementation, it was agreed upon that the ornamental vendors will continue to utilize the front area to protect the facility from any horse-related activities./Dexter A. See


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