A businessman’s view on extrajudicial killings

LIFE’S INSPIRATIONS: “… I rejoice in following your statutes as one rejoices in great riches…” (Psalm 119:14, the Holy Bible).


A BUSINESSMAN’S VIEW ON EXTRAJUDICIAL KILLINGS: Businessman Ross Ching, a fellow member at the Rotary Club of Intramuros Manila, District 3810 of Rotary International, posted his thoughts about the on-going extrajudicial killings in the country. I asked his permission to use what he wrote. He said I can, but perhaps I should not use his name! Well, his thoughts already came out in Facebook so there is no harm in identifying him as the author.

Let’s read what Ross wrote, warts and all (meaning, I did not edit it one bit): “This post is my response to my apo Angela Martinez on her question about the current national situation of widespread extra-judicial killings. This is only my personal, layman’s view, and does not in any way reflect those of my parents, my relatives or friends.

“Question: Okay lang po ba kung di na dumaan sa korte ang mga suspect, patay kung patay na lang? Ano po ang moral stand ninyo, agree po ba kayo sa ganitong style?

Answer: Kung papayag ba ako na pagpapatayin lahat ng mga suspected criminals??? Ay apo, hindi dapat sa akin or sa atin dapat itanong.


NO ONE CAN KILL ANOTHER, ONLY GOD HAS THAT POWER: “God gave us life, only He has the right to take it away. This is different from a State-imposed death penalty, which is still a delegated authority to the courts, ratified by the people or their representatives. Consider: 1. No one gave us the permission to grant or take life away. To tell whether this guy or that must live or die is not ours to decide.

“2. It makes the courts of law of no use. 3) Lawyers and judges will soon become jobless. 4. Force begets force; kapag nakabawi sa pagkagulat itong mga kriminal, gaganti yan. At ang pupuntiryahin mga inosente. 5. This technique or style is subject to future abuses. 6. After 6 years somebody will take over the government. Just imagine kung nagbabait-baitan lang pala siya-sila at di naman pala talaga nagmamalasakit?

“7. Ang pagpatay ng kriminal kung di mo naman alam kung sino ang pumatay ay matatawag mong kriminal din. 8. It creates fear of mistaken identity. Paano pala kung me kapangalan ako na drug-lord? Kawawa naman pamilya ko. 9. It creates a bandwagon of blood-thirsty people, many of them armed with guns, but you don’t even know them.


BETTER WAY TO SOLVE THE DRUG MENACE? “10. This is not a long-term solution (I honestly believe so). There must be a better way to do this, to solve this problem. But until then, I will withhold my criticism because we have a rule in our house: `If anybody doesn’t have a better idea than what I am planning to implement, then he/she must shut his/her mouth and follow me’. However, if they have a better way, then I allow them to argue and if they win then we will follow another route.

“On the other hand, this is my word to my children: 1. God must be your God- not anybody or anything else. 2. Children must follow their parents, especially if they are correct. 3. Children must practice and be taught of good morals in an early stage. 4. Real fear can only emanate from an individual’s love of God.

“4. Mistakes when they happen must be corrected with the intention of recovery not just plain punishment. 5. Look into the good things of the past, our forefathers’ teachings. Somehow we will learn from them. 6. Pray for your nation, it is your duty. 7. Pray for your teachers in school and the spiritual leaders of your church…”


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