A Great Leader We’ll Never Have

I just want to share my thoughts on the event that happened weeks ago at Nasugbo Batangas. For those who didn’t know, there was a gun fight that happened between the AFP and the NPA.

In the said encounter, 14 NPAs were killed and the saddest part of the story is that among those that were killed is a very young woman named Josephine Lapera.

Josephine was a student of the University of the Philippines and she was an active member of Gabriela, an NGO organization that aims to provide protection for women and is an active proponent of women’s right in the country. According to the report, Josephine’s parents were unaware of the involvement of their daughter to the communist group and the news had hit them hard.

The reason I want to talk about Josephine is because of some post I read online calling her stupid for her decision to join this group ( some say terrorists ). It’s a pretty hurtful word to say and it should not have said at all. I am not defending Josephine’s action or belief nor I am defending the NPA. What I am here to do is to show you what Josephine could have become if this things did not happen to her. I don’t know her in a personal level so what I am going to be using to paint her in an alternative world is the information we had through the news channel.

The information we had is that she was a Deputy General of the Youth Chapter of Gabriela. This tells me that she had to work hard for that, it means she is a hardworking woman. She possesses the leadership quality that can lead a group to success. If she was given the chance to live longer she could become our next president. She might be the person we are waiting for to bring us step higher to our goal as a nation.

She is a brave woman. She is willing to stand firm and fight for what she believes is right. If we are living in the alternative world and she is for the democracy she could be a great ally in fighting for our rights in the congress. She would be working hard to see that the lower class in our country is represented well in the senate. I am sure that she would be willing to sacrifice her life to fight for what is right.

In an alternative world, she could have been one of our strong pillar of hope.

But what happened?

What happened was opportunistic vultures of the society grabbed her by the neck. These people who claimed they are fighting for the poor used her for their personal benefit. They saw her intelligence, her will and her strength and what they did is they capitalized on it then once they got her, they slowly twisted her belief until they got the chain of communism completely locked around her neck.

Do I blame her for that? NO, No, and NO. She is young and unfortunately she got entangled with the wrong people. She just happened to be there when the predators went out to hunt for prey. I blame these predators who took her and made her an instrument for their will. They made her an instrument instead of a leader that she ought to become.

My friends, what happened to her can happen to you too. So we got to be more careful more than ever. Let us refrain from giving rude comment. Instead, let’s ponder on the deeper implication of the incident and what we can do to stop it. These people are stealing these potential leaders of Democracy from us. Leaders that can lead us to greatness are being taken and are being molded as a weapon to destroy us. Don’t let them steal YOU from us. It’s time to make it stop and stopping it starts with YOU.


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