ALS institutionalization proposed

BAGUIO CITY – Councilor Leandro Yangot, Jr. proposed the institutionalization of the Alternative Learning System (ALS) into the regular operations of the City and its barangays through an ordinance to be called the “Barangay Alternative Learning System Ordinance.’’

“This is to more expediently and effectively provide education to a large portion of the citizenry,” Yangot said.

This will also pave the way for the increased involvement of the private sector in the ALS endeavor.

“The organized implementation of an ALS on the local level, through the initiative and leadership of the barangay units, and of the private sector, will contribute greatly to the provision of education for individuals who, because of their socio-economic circumstances, had been deprived of such rights,” Yangot said.

As proposed, each barangay will be authorized to implement the ALS program for out-of-school youth and adult-age learners in their levels and pursue the mapping of OSY as outlined in DILG Circular No. 2013-18 dated March 4, 2013 and DepEd Order No. 17, S. 2014.

It will be implemented by the barangay ALS coordinators under the barangay captains and in coordination with the Division of City Schools and non-government institutions. Other personnel may be designated by the barangay to help in the program.

Volunteer teachers must be qualified to instruct and manage the ALS Curriculum as determined by the Division of City Schools. The latter may also coordinate with the DepEd, the TESDA and/or any University/College to ensure the constant supply of volunteer teachers.

The venue will be any existing barangay structure, existing high schools in the barangay or a structure owned by a private entity within the jurisdiction of the barangay.

The facility will be enjoined to devote at least four days of every month to conduct the ALS program.

As per the measure, the DepEd will be tasked to come up with the implementing rules and regulations in consonance with existing statutes governing ALS.

ALS is implemented pursuant to Republic Act No. 9155, otherwise known as the Governance of Basic Education Act of 2001 as the parallel learning system to provide viable, flexible, and accessible learning opportunities to all OSY and adults in all barangays across the country.

The DepEd, through its Bureau of Alternative Learning Systems, is currently facilitating the implementation of an ALS in the community level pursuant to Executive order No. 480, DECS Memorandum no. 204, Series of 1998, and DECS Order Nos. 22 and 28, Series of 1999./A Refuerzo


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