And Now The End is Near? For Who?

This week is will be registered as one that has the shocking event in the history of our country. Recently, there was an arrest on a very influential family on the south that leads to the killing of some of the members of the family. There was a lot of speculations on the legality of the operations and media and CHR (Commission On Human Rights) are like flies feasting on the dead bodies trying to do their “job” and or trying to further the agenda they have.

While this family denies their connection to the drug business. The smoke their fire had created is too thick to be ignored. It had shown what every Juan in the country has already knew; that power corrupts the mind of the people who have it. According to my research, this the head of this political family, their grandfather, was the chosen leader of Kuratong Baleleng, an Anti-communist group in the ’80s. Amazed with the power given to him, he had used the group to conduct illegal business to gain more money for his pocket.

How they got into politics is a no brainer because we knew in democracy popularity is always the main cause of winning. As they stayed in power they found out that they can siphon money using their position thus it lead them to what happened to them today. Because of what we have seen, one can’t help but ask, if this kind of government or system of government is really helping our country or is it destroying and corrupting the people it uses to stand? Or is this kind of government prone to corrupt people taking in charge? Who must be blamed for such thing? Answering these questions can branch out to a lot of arguments so I chose to leave it at that and let you ponder on your own point of view.

The killing and arrest of this family won’t solve the country. It’s a Band-Aid to a gaping wound to say the least but in an optimistic point of view it is an effort to curb criminality. Let’s just hope in pray that whatever hidden agenda was injected to this that it won’t trample down the real goal it aims.


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