Another Joke

Another joke. This time about rape. And Martial Law. And how he would support the troops if that happens.

The troops I know would feel deeply insulted by remarks or “assurances” like these. They are professionals who take pride in their flag and in their profession. They fight so that others may live; they do not rape so that others may take the blame.

The country I used to know would feel deeply insulted by words such as these. But then, change has come.

And some journalists and former journalists I know would have been so deeply infuriated. Some, mind you, not all, for a good number of them who have also been gleefully pounding on the evil mainstream media were not exactly the best examples of journalism during their time. Some of them would have been lucky to be called mediocre. But I am being kind.. But then, they may have other considerations.

So tell me please, for the benefit of the bobo and bayarang media, how do you want us to spin this for you?

The comments section can be really fascinating to read. Duon mo talaga makikita na ang “failure of intelligence” ay hindi problema na exclusive sa PNP at AFP./Ed Lingao


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