Anti-graffiti information dissemination on

BAGUIO CITY – To drum up support from the grassroots, copies of the anti-graffiti code will be distributed to the barangay officials for dissemination.

In-charge of the anti-graffiti body, retired forester Rosalio Goze made the announcement during the Alay Sa Kalinisan (ASK) meeting last week at city hall.

Earlier, the anti-graffiti code; City Ordinance 41, series of 2008, was sent to the Department of Education –Baguio office for dissemination to primary and secondary students.

Basically, the anti-graffiti code aims to inculcate to the general public that unauthorized markings, drawings or etchings on any public or private property is considered a “public nuisance” and “destructive of the rights and values of property owners.”

Under the code, those under 18 years old are not allowed to “possess or purchase paint, spray paints, pentel pens, markers” which could be used for graffiti or surface defacement of public or private properties.

There are provisions for penalties; either payment for violations or imprisonment for a certain period, or both, as decided by the court.

In a letter to the Department of Education – Baguio by the late Vice-Mayor Daniel Farinas in 2012, it was mentioned that community service, reimbursement or repair of damage caused by defacement or graffiti be done.

In the next two weeks, Goze said letters and the code shall be sent to barangay officials, requesting for volunteers to paint out and remove graffiti.

Inventory, information and education campaign continues as it was observed that graffiti has “greatly increase along main roads,” Goze said.

Some on-the-job training tourism students from the University of the Cordilleras, University of Baguio and University of Pangasinan helped, while the Rotary Club North provided paints and brushes.

More than 30 Korean students also helped remove graffiti along several areas.
There were intentions to paint murals instead of graffiti on walls, Goze intimated during the ASK meeting.

More efforts, specially from the barangays would be appreciated, he added./Julie G. Fianza


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