Baguio City exec asks support to DPWH-BCDO for the implementation of anti-road obstruction program

BAGUIO CITY – City Mayor Mauricio Domogan is seeking the cooperation of the Department of Public Works and Highways – Baguio City District Engineering Office (DPWH-BCDEO) in clearing the road-right-of-way of national roads from structures of informal settlers and motor vehicles that impede the smooth flow of vehicular and pedestrian traffic in the city.

Domogan said there are some owners of structures built within the existing road right-of-way of national roads.

These structures were not issued building and occupancy permits as the City Building Office will not issue similar permits to structures built over road-right-of-way, Domogan added.

“The clearing of our national roads from obstructing structures and motor vehicles should be a joint effort of the DPWH and the local government to send a stronger message to violators that we mean business in clearing national and city roads,” he said.

Domogan explained that the DPWH-BCDEO should also sign the demolition orders against those who encroached on the road-right-of-way.

The city, for its part, will issue the demolition order against the informal settlers for their failure to secure the mandatory building and occupancy permit.

Local officials are alarmed over the increasing number of illegal structures that encroach into the road-right-of-way on national roads around the city.

Domogan said closer coordination between the DPWH and the local government is required in formulating a comprehensive plan of action that allow the synchronized issuance of demolition permits for the immediate removal of the illegal structures built on the road-right-of-way of national roads and contribute to both traffic decongestion and beautification.

The mayor issued a warning to land speculators not to build structures on the road-right-of-way of national roads because they will just be wasting their time, effort and resources since the DPWH and the local government will demolish such structures once found to be in violation of existing laws, rules and regulations. (PNA) JOJOLAMARIA#


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