Baguio joins End Polio Now campaign

BAGUIO CITY – The City Government joined the worldwide campaign to put an end to polio- one of the life-threatening illnesses, after Mayor Mauricio G. Domogan issued an administrative order declaring Monday, October 24, 2016, as End Polio Now Day in the city.

The local chief executive cited there is a need for the local government, concerned government agencies, and the local residents, to actively participate in the global fight against polio to help eradicate the disease and establish a healthier society beneficial to the greater majority of the present and future generations.

The Rotary Club International has declared Monday, October 24, 2016, as the observance of End Polio Day as the world is on the verge of eradicating one of the most feared diseases in the 24th century.

In the city, the Rotary Club of Baguio will spearhead the End Polio Now campaign through various activities that will help generate resources to help eradicate the said viral infection in conflict-stricken countries through the Rotary Club International.

Chris Fernando Faelnar, Rotary Club of Baguio, said there are now three countries where polio cases have been recorded, thus, the all-out campaign of all other nations is geared towards putting an end to polio in the said war-stricken countries.

In the Philippines, the last polio case was reported in Cebu in 1993 and there had been no polio cases in the country over the past 16 years.

The Rotary Club International targets zero polio case in the global village by 2018 through combined efforts of the World Health Organization (WHO), the United Nations International Children’s Education Fund (UNICEF) and the various Rotary Clubs worldwide.

The Rotary Club International has committed to creating a polio-free world through public awareness efforts on how to get rid of the dreaded illness.

During the celebration of World Polio Day, Rotary Clubs around the globe do their part to raise awareness and raise the critically needed funds to eventually eradicate the disease forever.

The Rotary Club of Baguio, together with seven other Rotary Clubs, will be having their own celebration of World Polio Day by carrying the “END POLIO NOW” poster around the city on their vehicles to create awareness and eventually raise funds to help eradicate polio.

Domogan encouraged local residents to support the noble campaign of the Rotary Club of Baguio to sustain a polio-free country and help in the eradication of polio in the remaining three countries to achieve a world that will be free of one of the life-threatening illnesses.

The Rotary Club of Baguio placed coin boxes in various establishments in the city where individuals and groups could drop their donations for the End Polio Now campaign with the assurance that the generated resources will be submitted to the Rotary Club International which in turn will be the one to use the funds for the implementation of various programs to eradicate the illness./By Dexter A. See


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