Baguio to get garbage bins for solid waste program

BAGUIO CITY – The management of Tiong San Harrison and Tiong San La Trinidad donate to the City Government a good number of garbage bins as its contribution to the local government’s clean and green campaign and in support of the green economic program of the trade and industry, and environment departments.

Jasper Golangco, Tiong San Harrison and Tiong San La Trinidad vice president, said the the environmentally-friendly garbage bins are now being fabricated and he expressed optimism that their department store will be able to turnover to the local government at least three dozens to be distributed in strategic areas of the central business district.

“We also want to contribute to the local government waste management efforts by providing our people garbage bins for their use and help them avoid littering anywhere that depicts a bad image of the city,”Golangco stressed.

He said the company thought of donating to the local government the garbage bins in line with the green economic program being advocated by the trade and industry and environment departments to instill awareness and solicit cooperation among local businessmen in efforts to inculcate the importance of waste management discipline among local residents.

Golangco said the distribution of the garbage bins in the city’s central business district must go hand in hand with the proper information and education campaign for the people to understand that the available bins will be for litter only and not for household waste.

Mayor Mauricio G. Domogan expressed his gratitude to the management of Tiong San Harrison and Tiong San La Trinidad for their expected donation, saying that there is a need for the garbage bins to be installed in the appropriate areas to prevent unscrupulous individuals from carting away the bins.

He cited previous experiences of the local government that when garbage bins were placed around the city, unscrupulous individuals got them as their remembrance or used them to dump their household waste.

Domogan pointed out there is still a long way for people to internalize the importance of strictly adhering to the segregation of waste at source and instilling discipline on proper garbage disposal.

He said the local government continues to exert extra effort in intensifying the information and education campaign required to make people understand the importance of proper solid waste management to help protect the city’s environment from further deterioration.

Golangco said their company will try to make available some of the completed garbage bins during their upcoming Diskwento Caravan at the Baguio Convection Center on November 18-20, 2016 wherein some 100 disturbers will be making available quality products at affordable prices in time for the Yuletide celebrations./By Dexter A. See


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