Baguio to host 2017 Advertising Summit

BAGUIO CITY – The country’s undisputed Summer Capital will host this year’s Advertising Summit which is tentatively scheduled on September 13-16, 2017 at the CAP Convention Center inside Camp John hay and at the Baguio Country Club.

City Administrator Carlos M. Canilao initially met with officials of the Media Specialists Association of the Philippines led by Venus Navalta and discussed the obligations of both parties to ensure the successful conduct of the said important event that will be incorporated as one of the major activities of the month-long celebration of the city’s Charter anniversary.

“We were made to understand that the organizers of this year’s Advertising Summit had decided to hold the prestigious event in Baguio city that is why we are also preparing for the hosting of the said event considering that it will help in the aggressive promotion of the city that will boost its local economy,” Canilao stressed.

The Media Specialist Association of the Philippines (MSAP) is the lead organizer of the Advertising Congress 2017 that will be held in the city.

Canilao revealed organizers already made the initial inspections on the proposed venues of the events that will be lined up for the Advertising Congress as well as the potential accommodation facilities and they were convinced that the city is ready to host the conduct of the major event of those in the advertising industry.

According to him, the initial commitments of the local government to the organizers is for the guaranteed security of the participants, exemption of the participants from the implementation of the Baguio number coding scheme, participation of small industries such as wood carvers, coffee growers during farmer’s market, cultural immersion and presentations from cultural groups in the city, provision of emergency volunteers and responders, availability of vehicles that will be rented for the transportation of participants from their hotels to the seminar venues, organized city tour for participants, the putting in place of advertising banners, availability of tents and parachutes for the exhibit area, support for various sports activities, guaranteed participation of student volunteers, among others.

Canilao said the holding of the Advertising Summit in the city will definitely be a big boost to the city’s tourism industry and overall economic growth because of the expected influx of thousands of advertising industry stakeholders who will be staying in the city for at least a week.

He assured the Ad Summit organizers that the local government will coordinate the participation of students from various universities and colleges for them to be exposed in the conduct of one of the most prestigious activities of the advertising industry stakeholders that will give the city an added promotional boost in the various forms of media.

Canilao appealed to the government and private sectors to support the preparations being done for the Advertising Congress so that organizers of big events will be enticed to consider the city as one of the possible venues of their future big events that will sustain the city’s tourism industry. /By Dexter A. See#


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