Baguio-Tuba Boundary Issue to be Settled Amicably

BAGUIO CITY –Mayor Mauricio Domogan vowed to settle the boundary issue between the city and Tuba town under amicable terms long before agreed on by the two local government units.

The mayor said that since the border issue was not included in the proposed bill for the amendment of the city charter, they will have no recourse but take the matter to the courts for the sole purpose of resolving it through a compromise settlement.

He said as per the procedure, either the city or Tuba will file the case for boundary issue resolution and the in the course of the litigation, both parties will submit the case for amicable settlement.

He said the amended technical description of the metes and bounds of the city established as a result of earlier negotiations with the Tuba town officials will be followed.

This will be the basis in amending the technical description of both the city and Tuba town’s metes and bounds.

The mayor expressed hope for the resolution of the issue within his term of office.

Earlier, barangay officials of Santo Tomas Proper led by punong barangay Miguel Kiswa complained that some of the business establishments operating within the jurisdiction of the barangay have been issued business permits by the Tuba municipality.

They said there appeared to be confusion as to where residents especially those near the boundary will get clearances and certifications so they asked the city government’s help to settle the border problem.

“The Barangay Council is requesting the City Council to help in identifying the political boundaries between our barangay and the Municipality of Tuba so as not to mislead us in issuing barangay certificates and clearances,” the barangay officials appealed in Resolution No. 15 approved last June./A Refuerzo


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