Barangay officials deputized to implement anti-road obstruction order

BAGUIO CITY – Mayor Mauricio Domogan on Tuesday deputized barangay officials and personnel to implement the “Operation Anti-Road Obstructions” in the barangay level.

In Administrative order No. 173 series of 2018, the mayor supplemented and Administrative Order No. 116 issued in 2016 creating a task force to implement transportation and traffic regulations in the city by vesting the barangay heads with formal authority to undertake the removal of vehicles, equipment and junked items obstructing city roads and streets.

The mayor deputized a number of enforcers in each of the 128 barangays specifically “to cause the removal of illegally parked vehicles, equipment, including junked items that are parked, occupying or protruding to the roads, construction materials occupying the right-of-way such as sand, gravel, cement, lumber and steel bars, earth spoils, waste materials, debris, embankment, heaps and the like and all kinds of illegal structures such as houses, buildings, shanties, stores, shops, stalls, sheds, canopies, billboards, signages, advertisements, fences, railings, garbage receptacles and the like obstructing city roads and streets in accordance with existing laws and regulations.”

“The deputized barangay officials are likewise authorized to detach the plate number of vehicles illegally parked and unattended in ‘No Parking’ places if the plate number is detachable. In case of the new white plate, the deputized barangay official shall take the photo of the plate number… pursuant to Section 2 Ordinance No. 91, Series of 1989 to be submitted to the Land Transportation Office with a request that no renewal of the vehicle’s registration unless the violator pays the fine,” the mayor said.

The mayor said the operation will be done with the assistance and in close coordination with the City Building and Architecture Office, City Engineer’s Office, City Planning and Development Office, City Environment and Park Management Office, Public Order and Safety Division, City Legal Office and the Dept. of Public Works and Highways District Office.

Before being commissioned as enforcers, the officials and personnel underwent a training to prepare them for the task.

As to the guidelines in the enforcement of the Oplan, the mayor said the deputized barangay officials are to get the traffic citation tickets from the City Treasury Office which they will issue to the violators while payment of fines will be made to the CTO.

The barangays will be entitled to 70 percent share from the collection for us in their peace and order programs and activities while the 30 percent will accrue to the city government.

Those deputized who will fail willfully in their task will be subject to sanctions./Aileen P. Refuerzo


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