Barangays urged to conduct tree planting activity

BAGUIO CITY – To contribute to the efforts to combat global warming in the country, all barangays are urged to conduct tree planting activity in their respective barangays by directing all building owners and homeowners to plant trees in their backyard or frontage of the building and houses.

This is in support to Republic Act 10176 and the Expanded National Greening Program of the Government through the recent Department of the Interior and Local Government Memorandum Circular 2016-133.

In the circular, “tree planting activity is one of the many approaches to protect the environment which is an effective strategy to mitigate climate change and that every single tree is believed to be very essential to combat global warming.

DILG secretary Ismael Sueno, in his memorandum circular said, “the national government is not solely responsible in safeguarding the environment but instead, all sectors of the society. The government and the community must unify their efforts and jointly work towards environment protection to be able to conserve biodiversity and to prevent environmental degradation”.

In the city government here, ABC president Michael Lawana encouraged all the barangays to conduct tree planting activity and a like this last quarter.

On the other hand, the city will supervise, monitor and assist the barangays in the conduct of the said activity.

It is the city’s thrust to conserve the environment having various programs protecting the forest reservations, air and water quality, among others.

In this relation, the greening of the facades of all buildings within the city limits is being encouraged to business establishments as part of the Department of Tourism’s aggressive campaign to bring the summer capital of the Philippines as well as the Cordilleras to reclaim the once a natural and an ecological marvel place to live in./Jho Arranz


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