Barangays urged to reserve open spaces for parking

BAGUIO CITY – Mayor Mauricio G. Domogan reiterated his previous appeal to barangay officials to already reserve available open spaces in their respective areas of jurisdiction purposely for the common parking area of their constituents to prevent the use of local roads for paring that contribute to the occurrence of traffic congestions.

The local chief executive pointed out that barangays must already reserve the available open spaces in their respective areas of jurisdiction to prevent them from being illegally occupied or titled by enterprising individuals depriving the barangays of sufficient spaces for public needs, especially for common parking areas for barangay constituents.

“We have to be aggressive in finding solutions to our worsening traffic and parking problems so that our motoring and commuting public will be able to experience relief from the tremendous traffic congestions because of illegally parked vehicles on our narrow roads,” Domogan stressed.

He called on barangay officials to replicate the efforts of Barangay Pinsao Pilot Project set aside a common parking area for the vehicles of their constituents deterring the use of roads as parking areas.

According to him, in cases where there are private claimants to the proposed open spaces for barangay common parking areas, the city leadership shall assist in negotiating with the said claimants so that the need for common parking areas will be given the utmost priority over the personal interests of individuals.

The city official appealed to barangay officials to prioritise the identification of open spaces for common parking areas to reduce illegal parking on roads.

He observed that numerous individuals acquire motor vehicles but they do not have the matching parking spaces within their residences resorting to the use of the roads as parking areas further constricting the narrow roads.

He added he will bring the matter to the attention of barangay officials during the next meeting of the Association of Barangay Councils to update information on barangays with already identified open spaces which can also serve as pay parking areas for income generation.

The absence of sufficient parking areas around the city contribute to the wayward parking of motor vehicles along all roads and streets resulting worsening traffic congestions in the central business district and in the barangays./By Dexter A. See


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