The spirit of helping each other without expecting something in return otherwise known as the “Bayanihan” is one of the true nature of Filipinos. This trait is so common and evident in the earlier times. It is a common sight to see men carrying nipa hut in the lowlands to be transferred to another place. It is also a common thing to help someone build a house, help each other clean the road and many more. This is one the trait that would make you proud to say you are a Filipino.

As the modern times come along, one can’t help but wonder if this trait that makes Filipino stand out among any other Nationalities is already extinct. One might say it is, due to a lot of reasons. In this time and age, time is equitable to money and when there is no money involved and you’re using a lot of time then that is being counterproductive. A lot of people right now wouldn’t like the idea of using you’re time without producing the proper financial equivalent.

Though the spirit of “Bayanihan” seems to be deteriorating as time goes by, many Filipinos are still demonstrating it in a lot of ways. In the DepEd, we have what we are calling “brigada eskwela”, an allotted time where in parents, teachers and students will work together to fix the school before the start of the class. The Brigada Eskwela is a demonstration of the spirit of bayanihan and a lot of Filipinos are participating in it.

Fellow Filipinos, let us participate in keeping the spirit of “bayanihan” alive. Let us participate in the Brigada Eskwela, let us take time to help others. Most of all, let us show the world what Filipinos are made of.


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