BCMA to set new policies for night market

BAGUIO CITY – It’s been years that the experimental Night Market along Harrison Road has been operating, yet there is still a need to spell out specific rules and regulations as well as sanctions to be used as basis for its operation.

After several meetings and deliberation between the Baguio City Market Authority and the night market leaders, association presidents and representatives, the BCMA recently crafted the new implementing rules and regulations to be followed.

The requirements needed in the registration of night market vendors are: voter’s ID/COMELEC certificate of registration and any proof of residence in Baguio for at least six months, latest community tax certificate as vendor, latest two pcs. 2×2 picture, official receipts/market certificate as proof that he/she has been a long time walk-in vendor, updated health certificate (card) and food handlers certificate from the City health Office for food and roving coffee vendors.

The registration procedure must be followed by the night market vendors: 1. Secure application form from the city market office; 2. Submit the filled up form together with all the requirements enumerated to the city market office; 3. The city market office will evaluate the application, validating all the documents submitted and submit the same for approval by the city treasurer and a representative of the city legal office; 4. Qualified applicants will be given WALK-IN Vending Identification Card signed by the city mayor and city treasurer; 5. Processing fee of three hundred will be paid before the issuance of the Walk-in Vending ID card; 6. A replacement fee of three hundred will be paid for lost vending ID card.

A registered night market vendor may resign from the Night Market at any time by surrendering the vending ID card at the city market office and if the resigning vendor has a registered alternate, the identification card of the alternate must be surrendered as well.

The IRR underscored that vendors having existing stall or vending slots at the city market shall not be allowed to register as night market, including their spouses and children without family of their own. Spouses and children, without family of their own of regular market vendors at the Night Market vendors at the Night Market are disqualified to register as night market vendor. Also, alternate vendors shall not be qualified to register unless he surrenders/resigns as such.

Moreover, the awarding of regular slots will be prioritized to walk-in vendor who had been a displaced sidewalk vendor and who did not oppose the city’s program and was not given a relocation slot and has the highest number of actual vending time as per record of the city market office. Also, in case vendors have the same number of vending time and the vacant slots are not enough, award shall be made through drawing of lots.

On the other hand, vacated slots declared vacant shall be immediately be awarded yet only one slot shall be awarded to a registered vendor. The awarded slots cannot be transferred nor assigned.

In case of swapping of vending slots, a written request signed by both or all the regular vendors of the slots must be submitted to the BCMA through the Baguio City Market Office for its deliberation. However, only slots within the same zone shall be allowed to be swapped.

Other policies enumerated includes the “no ID card, no vending”, vending time, proper display stands/food carts, and prohibited acts.

Any violations in the said IRR will be given corresponding penalties.

The POSD Night Market Enforcers shall strictly enforce and implement the provisions of the rules and regulation and to submit a monthly report to the city treasurer.

However, POSD enforcers who fail to perform his duties in implementing the IRR and who do not issued violation notices to erring vendors or fails to report any infractions shall be given a demerit and his contract will no longer be renewed.

The Night Market is now one of the tourist attractions of the city at the same time has helped many residents in their livelihood. However, mayor Domogan stressed the importance of cooperation of the vendors and strict compliance on the rules and regulations set by the city./Jho Arranz


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