Bocaps told to man areas against pushers

BAGUIO CITY – Mayor Mauricio Domogan has appealed to Barangay Officials to man their respective barangays against pushers.

This as reports of drug personalities are again operating in some barangays in this mountain resort victimizing the youth.

It can be recalled that Barangay Anti-Drug Abuse Councils (BADAC) have been activated in every barangay of the city to help fight the proliferation of the drug menace.

“I appeal to you, please do your work in curbing this bad vice within your barangays, it is our children who will be affected if we do not do anything,” he said.

The chief executive stressed better coordination between barangay officials and law enforcers against suspected drug pushers and users is the first line of defense against its proliferation.

“I know that the barangay officials are much better equipped to identify those involved in drugs and we need your cooperation as our frontliners in our anti-illegal drugs campaign,” Domogan said.

Recently, drug personalities have been put behind bars with the help of barangay officials and operations against drug dens were also implemented successfully.

Domogan said,” the fight against the drug menace will be a success once barangays actively help law enforcers in carrying out regular monitoring and reporting of those involved in illegal drugs.”

“Kailan pa tayo gagalaw, kung sariling mga anak na natin ang magiging biktima?,” he said.

Domogan also warned pushers and users to stop their illegal activities in the city citing taking illegal drugs leads to heinous crimes.

“We need teamwork in the fight against the drug menace, the city government, law enforcement agencies, Barangay Anti-Drug Abuse Council and barangay officials have to do their duties to make our campaign against illegal drugs a success,” he said./Paul Rillorta


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