BRM raises funds for Busol watershed fencing

BRM raises funds for Busol watershed fencing

Volume XVIII No 5 (Nov. 8-11, 2014)

Fencing of Busol Water Reserve.

According to BRM chairman, Atty. Erdolfo Balajadia, they are asking civic organizations and non-government offices to raise funds to augment resources for the fencing of Busol to prevent intrusion into the watershed.

‘We need more than P30 million for the fencing project with a length of 25,369 meters  on the 112 hectares of the watershed’, Balajadia said during the latest regular BRM meeting.

It is everyone’s campaign to protect and take care Busol watershed. It is the source of water and water is life’, he added.

Balajadia rallied  the various civic groups, schools and individuals to help raise funds for the realization of the fencing of the  Busol watershed, the city’s biggest watershed. It supplies 15 percent of the  water needs of the city.

The Baguio Water District has six deep wells within the watershed that  supply almost  6,179 households in the neighboring barangays. /JDP/JBZ- PIA CAR


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