Bulk water project seen as ultimate solution to water shortage

BAGUIO CITY – Mayor Mauricio G. Domogan said the realization of the long overdue bulk water project is seen as the ultimate solution to the projected water shortage in the city in the next five to ten years.

The local chief executive pointed out the local government will not be obliged to locate the source of the water but the bulk water supplier, thus, this will lessen the burden of the city as the winning supplier which will locate its source of potable water to supply the city’s increasing number of users.

“It will not be our problem to source out the water from potential sources outside the city. We will not also be burdened on how to bring the water to our city. The supplier must make sure that the water to be supplied to the water district shall have passed the potability standards,” Domogan stressed.

Earlier, studies showed that there will be a possible water shortage in the city within the next five to ten years if no concrete development will be undertaken to source out additional water supply to cater to the requirements of the rapidly increasing population.

Domogan admitted that there are several companies have called on him informing him of their desire to conduct a feasibility study on the city’s bulk water project and to identify their potential sources but he is awaiting the submission of their proposals so that the water district could take the next step in pursuit of the project.

According to him, what is important is for the bulk water supplier to be able to bring the water to the city and guarantee its potability prior to distribution to the residents and that the water district will not accept the water to be supplied to the residents and visitors once it fails the series of tests to ascertain its portability.

While the Baguio Water District (BWD) is doing its share in making sure that there will be enough supply of water for the increasing population, Domogan claimed the bulk water is still the lasting solution to the inadequate water supply in the city, citing that the projects of the agency will simply be a stop gap measure in addressing future concerns of adequate water supply in the different barangays.

He learned the companies intending to propose for a bulk water project with the water district have already identified their potential sources although some of the sources are covered by existing water rights.

However, Domogan explained there will be no problem for the bulk water supply project proponents if their potential sources are covered by water rights because they could just include the existing water right holders as their partners.

He called on the residents to seriously study the benefits of having a bulk water project with a daily supply of water compared to the present situation where the supply of water to the residents is unpredictable and on a scheduled basis. /By Dexter A. See#


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