>Business Permit One Stop Shop Doing Great >Lt. Col. Marcelino bust, another fallacy ???

Business Permit One Stop Shop Doing Great- I had the fortunate experience of having to renew and secure a couple of business permits at the Baguio City Hall and I must say that I was impressed. I was expecting the usual, bunch of papers and accompanying exercise that goes with having to go from one office to another securing the approval/clearance of that particular office, all told working on a business permit could take a couple of days to a week, it turns out, that was then. I was pleasantly surprised when after I secured a barangay clearance, the only other document I was going to show to the other offices (several at that) was a piece of 2 inches X 4 inches piece of paper, just that. I had to ask the guy at the one stop shop a couple of times if this is all I needed to bring, and yes indeed that’s it as their trying their best go paperless. From the health dept stop, to the Cepmo stop, to the treasury and up to the Fire station everything was a breeze, no hassle. Just fall in line and that’s it, it was an amazing experience. I asked around who was responsible for this and I learned that it was the now acting city treasurer Mr. Alex Cabarrubias (am not sure if I spelled his name right), therefore, what I did was to drop by again at his office to confirm that it was indeed his brainchild to go paperless, great work Sir Alex. The public needs less hassle, and the with so much available technology, government should make things easier for the transacting public. In fact, more transactions should be done on line. If I may also suggest, why not make securing your community tax certificate (cedula) also online at least for those who are renewing. After all, the basic information of the person is already in your data base, and this suggestion also goes for the annual realty tax payments which I believe can also be done online. I hope Sir Alex you can look into this couple of suggestions from this humble columnist. Oh, and at the Fire Station headed by Sir Bangyod, Sir if I may also suggest, why not have your guys, those literally writing the basic information do it instead in front of a computer, para hindi na magsuslat and perhaps you can also integrate it with the system of the city so that once again mapabilis ang proseso? Although, if I may say the process of securing the fire clearance was already fairly fast enough given the volume of clients. To this two (2) gentlemen, Sir Alex Cabarrubias, Acting City Treasurer and Fire Chief Joe Fernand Bangyod, Saludo Ako sa inyo. MABUHAY PO KAYO !!!


Lt. Col. Marcelino bust, another fallacy – What a waste, tunay na nakapanghihinayang as most of us will say. Those in the position of Lt. Col Marcelino or those in a similar position given the extremely huge temptation to a do A BAD-BAD deal and go to bed with the enemy and become one with them is as some would say nakapanghinayang at bumigay sa matinding tukso. No need for me to discuss the cons of drug dealing, no if’s and but’s for drug dealers more so for producers, the death penalty as what they do in China and elsewhere is justified as far as I am concerned. It is such an absurd cop-out for anyone to imagine and/or even consider the idea that Marcelino was doing intelligence work (front line ground intel work at that), no way. Even bagitos and those with basic intel training will know that commonsense alone will tell you that Marcelino is and can no longer be that type of intel operative. He is fairly known, in other words, lalakad pa lang siya, sunog na sya. Therefore, WTF, was he doing entering the factory with their own key with the company of an alleged informant, it is simply incredible for anyone to believe that he was there doing undercover/covert intel work, no way Jose!!! Question now is, paano palulusutin si Marcelino aside from the possible technical legal maneuvers that some extremely corrupt Judge will cherish, or are once again going to witness one insulting but highly ridiculous moro-moro scenario? I hope that for the numerous victims of drug use/abuse etc…, the wheels of justice will take it’s turn accordingly so that this will be one glaring example for those that are in power and have the position to not go to bed with the enemy they have sworn to go against.


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