Campaign against dengue

BAGUIO CITY – The Oplan Alis Kiti-kiti, Goodbye Dengue campaign to destroy mosquito breeding places, is ongoing in schools, churches, business establishments and households in the 128 barangays in full coordination with the Health Services Office (HSO), Mayor Mauricio Domogan assured last week.

As the number of dengue cases increased with fatalities in the city, the 4PM clean-up habit should now be done earlier, or at 9AM, the mayor said. A house-to-house campaign to eliminate breeding sites is also being implemented.

Last Monday, City Health Services Officer Rowena Galpo said despite the fourfold increase of dengue cases, the cordillera region ranks 12 among the 17 regions. The pronouncement of an outbreak or a state of calamity is still far off, she added.

Galpo said that as of July 23, there are 1332 hospital-reported Dengue cases as compared to 270 cases in January to July 2015. A clustering of cases were reported in the barangays, it was known.

Misting, with water-based larvicidals are being done in the barangays and some schools with just-hired job order fumigators. Personnel and volunteers from the Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and City Disaster and Risk Reduction Management Office (CDRRMO) are helping out, Galpo said.

The HSO now uses six misting machines, four borrowed from the Department of Health (DOH). Long-lasting treated curtains were distributed in 41 schools, and the use of mosquito-repellants are advised, she added. An anti-Dengue ordinance was crafted and is now awaiting finalization.

Earlier, Mayor Mauricio Domogan issued Administrative Order 75, s. of 2016 with specific assignment of each sector to help control the increase of Dengue-laden Aedes aegypti and albopictus, through the destruction of their breeding places.

The HSO and DOH are to provide basic technical assistance, logistic support in the prevention and control of dengue; medical consultation and fever surveillance; and referral of patients to hospitals.

The Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) monitors action undertaken by the barangays which in turn oversees actions in the grassroots level. A sounding-off of alarm system daily at 9AM for search and destroy activities.

Workplaces, churches, public and private schools and universities are likewise urged to conduct dengue prevention and control activities in their areas of jurisdiction. Dissemination of information is also encouraged. Individuals are urged to wear protective/long-sleeved clothing, seek early consultation when having fever of at least two days, and encouraged to donate blood for emergencies.

Mayor Mauricio Domogan ang Dr. Galpo both called for cooperation, coordination and concerted efforts in the city to synchronize all available efforts to destroy the breeding places of dengue-carrying mosquitoes./Julie G. Fianza


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