Duterte’s Millions – Use Your Common Sense, unless…?!

When people, and I am referring to the Penoy-Roxas-LP administration party resort to such low handed black ops like letting their hatchet man Senator Trillanes engage in such low life handed demolition propaganda like going out on a limb to claim that Duterte has billions at BPI is simply an act of extreme desperation. It […]


Shit Head & Asshole Person(s) Who Cut or Order the Cutting of Pine Trees

To the readers of this column, forgive the profane words, truth to tell is the subject of illegal logging more so if it hits home (and we are referring to the Baguio – Benguet pine tree), the subject simply gets me fired up and impassioned. While this is not the first time I have expressed […]


IDIOTIC Discrimination; Afraid of Mark Go!!!

I am now certain that the persons behind the creation of the following blog and Facebook page:,, definitely have nothing more worthy against candidate Mark Go. Oh my Lord, is that all you have, dishing out extremely shallow and baseless (negative/black) propaganda? (I say baseless because there is not even an iota of […]


>Fat Chance, Gamble Now !!! >No joke running for Elective Office!!!

I am always amazed, (and with a lot of admiration) every election season with most (not all) of our local candidates. Running for public office is no easy feat. Some of these candidates started their informal campaigning as far back as some 2 years ago. I understand my fellow columnist Mr. Paken, will touch on […]


Obsolete PD 1079, pinagkakakitaan ng mga lokal na peryodiko ng wala sa lugar!!!

The following is a letter sent by this columnist on July 17, 2014 to the Hon. Henedina R. Abad, Congresswoman, Lone District of Batanes. A reply from her office was received on September 1, 2014. The letter was sent to her and not to any other representative of Congress, thinking that she does not have […]


Relive the people’s resistance against the dictatorship – NO to the return of the Marcoses in Malacanang

This column space is giving way for the CPA’s message – FJF. oOo On the 30th Anniversary of the EDSA People Power I, the Cordillera Peoples Alliance (CPA) remembers the Cordillera heroes. More than a holiday, CPA urges the public to review the history of Marcos dictatorship and the story of people’s resistance to topple […]


>The Star-Spangled Banner >Grace Poe – a true Pinoy nationalist & patriot!!!

The Star-Spangled Banner– I happened to chance upon the CNN news on the opening of the Super Bowl Sunday (the most widely viewed [television] event in the world) and there was some news on the star performers like Lady Gaga who would sing The Star-Spangled Banner, although this is not my first time to have […]


>NOGNOG >Baguio Traffic – 5 suggestions for a permanent traffic solution

BAGUIO TRAFFIC – 5 SUGGESTIONS FOR A PERMANENT SOLUTION – The Manila traffic is simply unbearable, and if I may also say, unjustified. I don’t buy this idea that there are just too many cars in the road. Most of them I have noticed that cause traffic in Manila takes root in lack of discipline […]


>Business Permit One Stop Shop Doing Great >Lt. Col. Marcelino bust, another fallacy ???

Business Permit One Stop Shop Doing Great- I had the fortunate experience of having to renew and secure a couple of business permits at the Baguio City Hall and I must say that I was impressed. I was expecting the usual, bunch of papers and accompanying exercise that goes with having to go from one […]


Why I embrace social media

Why I embrace social media Volume XVII NO. 41 (August 2-8, 2014) By: Rafael Alunan III [To Take A Stand] You might ask me, “Why are you active in social media?” I actually have many reasons to be active in social media, particularly Facebook. It hones my writing skills. I’ve been writing this column for […]