Change had Came

It’s been a year when we were promised of a change that we never had in this country. So let us take a look at the changes that happened so far.

First we have the change of political parties. Those politicians who are wishing to be on the good side of the winner and get whatever perks that comes with being on the good side changed their political party as easy as changing clothes. Well, that change is so common already in the Philippine political arena but still it is a change.

The change on a leader we supported. After a year, some people started to change and they are starting to oppose the person they supported so dearly during the elections. The reason to this may vary from person to person. To some, their support changed because they don’t agree with the decision being made by the leader. The funniest reason I saw is when a supporter suddenly became an opposition because he didn’t get what he expected to get as a reward in helping during the elections. A traditional attitude that can drag humanity down. A change that we as a human must change.

A change in character. To most people using words that are not so kind in expressing your thoughts seemed to be better. Whatever happened to the art of effective communication? Nowadays it seemed lost. This is a change that we must correct.

Change in what is happening in the government. We have seen secretaries who came and went due to some allegations of corruption. A change that surprised everyone and made them think everything is real after all.

Change in the number of deaths. If we believe the statistics shown by the media, this is quite a change in the numbers of criminals and/or alleged criminal being killed. Though some people say that the streets are safer now, it won’t look that good and sound good as it came to the expense of blood.

Change in the number. Accordingly, our economy is growing, and we are having higher rate of employment. A number of investor are going in the country and a lot of projects are being implemented. (if we are to believe the research of the BBC Hardtalk Host) Well then let’s hope these keep improving and that sooner not later, we’ll feel the effect of it.

A change in ally. Well we’ve been friends with the United States for so long and to everybody’s surprise it seemed like that friendship is being set aside to connect with our neighboring countries. Others would say it is a stupid move. I would say it’s about time. Let’s break that shackle of spam mentality.

With all the changes happening, can we say we say we had a great leader? No. History will be the judge to that. Is he successful? In some ways yes and in other ways no. Can we as Filipinos help make a change that cannot hurt our country so bad. Yes, we can. Just set aside your personal agenda and set your sails with the wind of change and let’s sail together towards the greater Philippines.


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