City braces for influx of taxpayers

BAGUIO CITY – The city government through the city treasury office prepares for the influx of taxpayers beginning January 4, 2016 by fine-tuning the systems and procedures involved in facilitating payments for new and renewal of business permits as well as of real property and other taxes.

The office began receiving applications for payment as early as November to expedite the initial clearances required. The bulk of the taxpayers will flock to City Hall from January to March.

City treasurer Alicia Onoza said that as in the past years, taxpayers who will settle their revenue obligations early will receive incentives like discounts and “roleta” and raffle prizes.

Asst. city treasurer Alex Cabarrubias spelled out the process of renewing business permits.

He said taxpayers should proceed to the one-stop shop section to claim printed 2016 assessment. Owners must issue an authority to their representatives while messengers or bookkeepers must submit a list of clients and authority or special power of attorney from the owners to the business tax filing division and claim the assessment the following day.

Those without printed 2016 assessment or if assessment has issues, applicants can proceed to the business tax assessors for resolution or printing. All unresolved issued will be referred to the city treasurer.

Once assessment is finished, the applicants may pay the taxes and fees to the tellers by showing first official receipts for residential garbage or if not, the garbage fee will be included in the assessment.

The next step will be the payment of fire code fees to the Bureau of Fire Protection tellers then process to the permits and licensing office to claim business permit and/or business plate upon submission of the following: barangay, health, fire clearances, market clearance if business is in the market and real property tax clearance if prompted by the system.

For new businesses, applicants must proceed to the licensing office and fill up the application form which will be forwarded simultaneously to the following offices for processing: city planning office, fire department, city environment office, city health office, city building and architecture office, campaign and investigation or the city treasury office.

Upon clearance of the said offices, the applicants must proceed to the one-stop shop for the assessment, payment of taxes and fees and finally go back to the licensing office to claim business permit.

Inquiries on the status of applications may be coursed through the licensing office./A Refuerzo


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