City commends volunteers’ help during Lando

Lando Baguio CityBAGUIO CITY – The city government here has cited various government, non-government organizations and individuals for their volunteer work during the onslaught of Typhoon Lando in this mountain resort.

Acting Mayor Edison Bilog thanked the people who worked 24/7 to help in rescue and relief operations when the city was being battered by heavy rains evening of Sunday until Wednesday.

“The City is very grateful to the volunteers who dedicated approximately 4 days of service to help deliver important services to the affected barangays in their time of need,” he said.

Bilog said, “Volunteers deserve to be commended as they are the backbone of communities during calamities and disasters with their support considered invaluable.”

The Acting Mayor said the good coordination between all the city departments, the BCPO, the City Fire Department, DPWH, Pagasa, Office of Civil Defense, Beneco, BB-Picag, PMA-DRTG, TOG 1 Philippine Air Force, Red Cross Baguio, 21st AFGR Philippine AirForce, REACT, Distress, 106th CDC Arescom Philippine Army, BCEMS, Notre Dame De Chartres Hospital, BGHMC, the various Communication Groups, Media, barangay officials and others who in one way another help during the onslaught of the typhoon prevented considerable damage and loss of life.

“The City is incredibly fortunate to have a lot of volunteers who work with us for many years and do not ask anything in return,” he said.

Bilog said he has been in constant communication with Mayor Mauricio Domogan presently in the United States of America and have been monitoring what is happening in the city.

“From day one, we are always in constant communication and I have been updating him on what is happening,” he said.

Bilog said,” the city will be strengthening its Information, Education Campaign (IEC) on what to do before, during and after calamities to ensure that residents are abreast of information.”

“We will also be strengthening our BDRRMC so that at their level, we will have competent men who can immediately provide assistance to our residents in need of help,” he said.

Aside from calamities, volunteers are also active during the season of tourist arrivals where their help is needed in public order and safety, peace and order and assistance to tourist.

They also help in traffic control, roadside assistance and direction especially during big city events./Paul Rillorta


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