City Conducts Development Training for Community Volunteers

City Conducts Development Training for Community Volunteers

Vol. XVIII No. 7 (Nov. 22-28, 2014)

BAGUIO CITY  –  The city government here spearheaded by the City Social Welfare and Development Office conducted a two-day Community Volunteer Resource Development Training last Nov. 18 and 19 at the Baguio City multi-purpose hall.

Said training aims to increase the awareness on the importance of volunteers in community development; to equip volunteers and leaders with needed knowledge, skills and attitudes relative to their roles and functions; and to enhance the spirit of volunteerism among volunteers and leaders foe a consistent volunteer service in the community.

Volunteers of the different barangays in the city realized the importance of participation in community building; the factors that contribute to the development of the community; the characteristics of disadvantage, groups and communities; and the recognition of the capabilities and potentials of volunteers in the development of their community.

Social Welfare Officer Liza Balao emphasized that a volunteer must be interested in volunteer work for the community without any material remuneration, must have willingness to commit time for volunteer work, must engaged in a productive/livelihood activity, must be receptive to change, must have interest to learn and undergo trainings for specialized skills and must have the capacity to work with people.

The areas of interest for volunteer works were presented during the training which includes barangay disaster risk reduction management council, barangay poverty reduction action team, barangay council for the protection of children, committee for parent effectiveness service, committee  for livelihood, committee for the promotion of women’s welfare, committee for the promotion of senior citizens/persons with disability among others.

Culminating the 2-day training, the participating community volunteers identified their respective areas of interest for volunteer works.  Subsequently, they took part in sharing their pledge of commitments as community volunteers.

“The city government acknowledged the unselfish efforts and works of all community volunteers in the city because it really is of great help to the city,” said Assistant Social Welfare Officer Edith Furigay./Jho Arranz


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