City Crime Rate Down by 12 Percent

City Crime Rate Down by 12 Percent

VOL. XVIII NO. 4 (Nov 1-7, 2014)

BAGUIO CITY – the crime rate in this mountain resort plummeted this year as per reports from the Baguio’s Finest citing better policing and grassroots coordination.

P/Supt. Leon Talleo, Chief of the BCPO Operations Unit said, ‘the crime volume went down by 12 percent this year comparing it to the same quarter last year.’

As per report, the city recorded 2366 crimes for the 3rd quarter of 2014 which is 12% lower than the 2688 recorded for the 3rd quarter last year.

The crime statistics report was presented during the City Justice Peace and Order Council (CJPOC) meeting Tuesday with City Mayor Mauricio Domogan, DILG Director Evelyn Trinidad, Prosecutor Ramsy Wynn Sudaypan and representatives from the different law enforcement units operating in the city.

Preliminary crime figures from the BCPO show that Index Crime rate is down by 10.83% and non-index crime rate is down by 13.28%.

For crime against persons, physical injuries recorded highest with 374, rape with 11, homicide with 8 and murder with 4 for the 3rd quarter this year.
For crime against property, theft remains highest with 710, robbery with 162 and carnapping with 7 for the same quarter.
Talleo said, ‘the significant decrease in crime volume is a good indication that the community is becoming aware of their duties and responsibilities in reporting crime incidents and that the city is still one of the safest place to stay and live.’

The Crime solution efficiency rate also went up by 57.29% this year.
Among the BCPO’s significant accomplishments include the high rate of service of warrants of arrests wherein for a period of three months, a total of 134 persons have been arrested.

This also include the campaign against illegal drugs where a total of P322,958.50 value of drugs were confiscated, 5 persons arrested and 4 cases were filed.

Talleo also said, ‘as of July 8, 2014, there are at least 35 persons in the target list and 30 persons in the watchlist of drug personalities in the city and the conduct of 28 operations yielded to the arrests of 39 of them.’

The BCPO said it will continue to strengthen its fight against illegal drugs thru proactive policing which includes surveillance and identification of other suspected drug personalities for possible police operations.
Nine persons were also arrested for Violation of Republic Act No. 10591 or the Comprehensive Law on Firearms and Ammunition yielding the confiscation of 10 small firearms and 85 live ammunitions, surrender of one small firearm and the filing of ten cases in court.

On traffic enforcement, the BCPO said it was able to apprehend 5,542 drivers in violation of traffic laws who subsequently paid their fines to the City Treasurers Office translating to P969,250.00.

Meantime, the mayor said, “he is happy to note that there is a decrease in crime volume and stressed the importance of working with the community thru the different peace action teams who will man their own barangays.”

“it will be a big help in the fight against criminality if we engage our barangays to be active partners in peace and order, they have better knowledge of their constituents,” he stressed./Paul Rillorta


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