City does not condone drug surrenderees

BAGUIO CITY – Mayor Mauricio Domogan in his weekly forum disclosed that the city government is willing to help the drug surrenderees, however, the later must first help themselves to reform.

Domogan stressed, “hindi natin sila binibigyan ng priority over and above law abiding citizen in the city na nangangailangan din ng tulong na walang nilalabag na batas”.

As of the moment, the city government here spearheaded by the City Social Welfare and Development Office together with the Serenity in the Steps and other stakeholders are conducting seminars to drug surrenderees for them (surrenderees) to realize the effects of illegal drugs as well as their willingness to undertake the process of reforming.

“The city through the CSWDO will screen and validate the extent of addiction of the surrenderees who really need rehabilitation and will provide medical and financial assistance if they are qualified,” added Domogan.

He said, “ tutulong kami sa kanila pero sila (surrenderees) dapat ang number one na tutulong sa kanilang sarili. Hindi maganda ang impact kung iyong inaasikaso mo ay ayaw naman tulungan and kanyang sarili”.

“We will help them in whatever way we can but first they must reform themselves,” ended mayor.

Because of the abrupt and unexpected number of drug surrenderees in Baguio, the city as no budget allotted for the construction of a rehabilitation center.

Moreover, the city is planning to communicate with the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency for a proposed rehabilitation center at Balenben, Irisan for a possible funding of the construction of rehabilitation center by the PDEA.

On the other hand, the Baguio General Hospital will be constructing its rehabilitation center to cater to the needs of drug dependents/ushers.

At present, there are 882 drug surrenderees in the city and they are being monitored by the Baguio City Police Office if they are really complying with their commitment to stop their drug dependency and trade./Jho Arranz


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