City government vehicles parking at motorpool mulled

BAGUIO CITY – Parking space for the city’s taxpayers going to the Baguio City hall is seen to be a concern of the city officials of Baguio.

At the present situation, the city government here as a total of 13 offices located in the city hall building having a total of 48 vehicles.

Considering the significant number of city’s government vehicle including some employees’ vehicles, there is insufficient parking space for taxpayers especially during the peak season of paying taxes in the first quarter of every year.

Thus, councilor Michael Lawana proposed an ordinance prohibiting the unauthorized parking of motor vehicles on spaces officially reserved for city officials, taxpayers, senior citizens, differently-abled persons and city hall employees at the city hall parking spaces.

Apart from the said proposed ordinance and to satisfactorily serve the taxpayers during the period of renewal of various licenses in Baguio City hall, the city government is contemplating of utilizing the compound of the city engineer’s office, motorpool as parking space for government vehicles once the construction of the disaster operation center building is finished.

This will address the parking space allotted for taxpayers coming to city hall, stressed Lawana. /Jho Arranz


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