City Hall workers support anti-drug campaign

BAGUIO CITY – Officials and employees of the City government pledge their unrelenting and uncompromising support to the aggressive campaign of President Rodrigo Duterte and Philippine National Police (PNP) chief Director-General Ronald de la Rosa against the illegal drugs in the country.

BCPO personnel led by Senior Superintendent George D. Daskeo spearheaded the signing of the manifesto of support by city officials and employees during the regular flag-raising ceremonies Tuesday.

The Duterte administration’s campaign on illegal drugs is now entering its third month or barely halfway into the commitment of the President to at least minimize the lucrative drug trade within his first six months in office.

Daskeo revealed the snowballing support from the local residents on the campaign against illegal drugs in the city has significantly contributed to the reduction in the supply of prohibited drugs and the number of individuals involved in the sale, disposal, and use of illegal drugs over the past several weeks.

Further, the police official claimed there had been a significant reduction in the number of crimes in crime-prone areas of the city as those involved in the use and sale of illegal drugs had already been neutralized by their aggressive anti-illegal drug operations in compliance with the President’s order to curb the drug problem in the different parts of the country.

However, Daskeo expressed dissatisfaction over the performance of some barangay officials in facilitating the surrender of those involved in the illegal drug trade from their areas of jurisdiction although he already gave them sufficient chances to have those drug pushers and users submit themselves to the police for documentation and monitoring purposes.

He claimed that the close to 1,000 drug surrenderees is not enough because there are more individuals involved in the using and use of illegal drugs that is why there must be a sustained campaign against the proliferation of illegal drugs in the different barangays so that more people will give themselves up and start reforming their way of life before it will be too late.

According to him, police and barangay officials are closely watching the activities of those who surrendered because there are reports that some drug pushers and users who voluntarily gave themselves up to the police have gone back to their illegal activities.

Daskeo reiterated the appeal of local and police officials for those involved in the illegal drug trade to surrender the soonest and not to wait for something wrong to happen to their friends and close allies before learning their lessons./By Dexter A. See


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