City keen in paying utilization of sewerage treatment plant

BAGUIO CITY – In his Wednesday weekly forum, Baguio City mayor Mauricio Domogan disclosed that the city government here is keen in paying the utilization of the parcel of land being used as the sewerage treatment plant at the South Sanitary Camp.

It is remembered that the area being used as the city’s sewerage treatment plant is owned by the National Power Corporation with the agreement that the city government will replace the same with a parcel of land.

“The city was able to look for a replacement located in front of the Mansion House, but, there was a dispute regarding the cost of the area per sq. m. which resulted to a misunderstanding between the city government and NPC,” said Domogan.

However, in the latest information, the NPC is no longer interested for a replacement of the land, but instead, for the city government to pay more or less 34 million.

According to mayor Domogan, the city has only allotted 15 million for that purpose.

“Because of this, the city will be scheduling a meeting with the officials of NPC in order to once and for all settle the exact amount due to the NPC,” he added.

“Considering that the city has only allotted 15 million for the said purpose, the possibility of setting the Terms of Payment is needed in order to resolve the problem,” ended Domogan./Jho Arranz


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