City lauds honest, dedicated public servants

BAGUIO CITY – The local legislature unanimously approved two separate measures commending individuals for honesty and public service.

In resolution number 89, series of 2017, Raul Frigillana, a security guard at Teacher’s Camp, is commended for “his exemplary act of honesty” in returning a wallet containing a huge amount of money including several identification and bank cards, to the owner on February 5, this year.

Upon finding the wallet, he immediately contacted its owner, Sheila Marie Vallador, to inform her of the wallet and how he can return it.

“The act of Raul Frigillana strengthens the fact that residents of Baguio are indeed honest and trustworthy and deserve praise and commendation from the city and its officialdom,” the measure states.

On the other hand, resolution number 93, series of 2017, commends police officer 2 Ben Pais, a traffic beat cop, for his “outstanding public service and dedication”.

While on duty last February 11, this year, Pais immediately left his post to assist a differently-abled person cross a busy street, made sure that the latter was safe and even carried the person’s bag.

A recorded video of his gallantry was posted on social media and has earned praises and commendations from around the world.

The measure reveals that Pais was distinguished by his meritorious service and exemplary performance while formerly serving as police auxiliary and eventually police officer under the traffic management group.

“Pais’ outstanding service and selfless act sets an example for others to emulate and merits the utmost recognition and praise from the city government of Baguio,” it stressed.

The resolutions were presented to Frigillana and Pais by local officials led by Mayor Mauricio Domogan and Vice-Mayor Edison Bilog in Monday’s flag-raising ceremonies at city hall.-gaby keith and cassey francis (pio intern)#


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