City shells out P300K for Marawi aid

BAGUIO CITY – Mayor Mauricio G. Domogan announced the local government will be shelling out some P300,000 as its contribution for the relief, rehabilitation and recovery operations in Marawi City which was devastated by the terrorists aligned with the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria.

The local chief executive said the funds will be sourced out from the City Disaster Risk Reduction and Management (CDRRM) or any available sources to help in the government’s efforts to bring back the robust economic activities in Marawi City after the government forces shall have fun control of the ravaged city.

“We were able to source out available funds that we could extend as our counterpart for the relief, rehabilitation and recovery efforts that will be undertaken in Marawi City after the government will be able to take full control of the city,” Domogan said.

He pointed out the upcoming rehabilitation and recovery of the devastated local government will surely take some time because of the extent of damaged that it sustained from the series of encounters between the government forces and the members of the Maote terrorist group that is why other local governments will surely pool their resources to augment whatever available resources will be infused by the national government to bring back the economic activities in Marawi City.

Baguio City had always been extending financial assistance to different local governments around the country that were either devastated by natural or man-made calamities to help in their smooth recovery and rehabilitation and bring back the vibrance of their economy that will contribute in uplifting the living condition of their residents.

According to him, what happened to Marawi City should be a wakeup call to local residents to bi vigilant of the suspicious activities of their neighbors, especially for those who are new in their places, thus, they must immediately report to the police whatever doubtful activities that are being undertaken or those suspicious-looking individuals in their places.

On the other hand, he called on the local police force to strengthen their intelligence network to help deter the occurrence of untoward incidents that could compromise the peace and order in the city.

The mayor added what happened to Marawi City can happen anywhere in the country if local residents will not actually cooperate with law enforcers to inform them about what is happening in their neighborhood that is why the best way to counter whatever terroristic attacks will be the timely reporting of irregular activities of suspicious-looking people in their places.

The approved financial assistance will be sent by the local government directly to the account of the Marawi City government and it will now be up to the beneficiary to decide where to allocate the funds to allow the immediate rehabilitation and recovery of the city from the devastation that it suffered for over twenty days now. /Dexter A. See


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