City to create own development authority

BAGUIO CITY – Mayor Mauricio Domogan is set to create a localized development authority that will cater mostly to investments and developments in this mountain resort.

The idea to create a localized Development Authority was revealed during Mondays State of the City Address (SOCA) primarily to help the city in development planning.

Domogan said,” the city should be open and welcome the idea of the possibility of institutionalizing a Baguio City Development Authority (BCDA) to help boost social and economic development.”

“Our present level of development presents the right time for Baguio to create its own government-owned and controlled corporation that can serve as its enterprise vehicle and investment arm that will open avenues for fund sourcing and project development,” he said.

The chief executive said the creation of the corporation is part of its future plans which could help the city in economic and development planning.

The planned creation of the corporation is also in anticipation for the eventual turn-over of Camp John Hay to the city.

Domogan said,” if Camp John Hay will be turned-over to the city then there will be someone who will help us plan its development.”

“Let us do business to raise our own resources so that we can provide more services over and above our traditional mandates like socialized housing, expanded healthcare, free education up to college and other basic services for our constituents,” he said.

Domogan stressed, “the rapid and continuous development in the city should be managed in order that city assets can be sustained.”

The planned creation of the development authority is also in line with the ASEAN integration to foster and fasttrack development in a wider scale./Paul  Rillorta



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