City to highlight ‘green architecture’ in Ganza parking

BAGUIO CITY – The local government will highlight the use of ‘green architecture’ in the planned put up of a 4-storey multi-level pay parking building within the Ganza parking area which was identified and earmarked for parking purposes.

Mayor Mauricio G. Domogan said that plans being prepared for the multi-level parking building will include ‘green architecture’ as part of the local government’s mandate to embrace the put up of ‘green buildings’ in an effort to enhance the preservation and protection of the city’s environment, which is being threatened by rapid urbanization.

“Green architecture is now part of the local government’s strategies in the put up of government structures which has been identified as one of the possible mitigating efforts to combat the serious negative effects of climate change,” Domogan stressed.

He pointed out that after the plans and programs of work for the multi-level parking building shall have been completed, the concerned departments will then prepare the required terms of reference for the conduct of the public bidding of the project to allow interested developers to take part in the implementation of ‘green buildings’ in the different parts of the city in the future.

According to him, the Ganza parking area has been identified and designated as a parking area even if it is part of the 34-hectare Burnham Park, which it is but proper for the local government to maximize the utilization of the area for parking purposes. The put up of the multi-level parking building in the area is part of the efforts of the local government to address the parking problems in the central business district area to reduce the monstrous traffic congestions daily.

Domogan expressed willingness to talk to those who are opposed to the city’s multi-level parking project, provided they will be open-minded in dealing with the advantages and disadvantages of the project and to consider what its benefits in addressing the lack of sufficient parking spaces around the central business district area.

It can be recalled that the local government leased the Ganza pay parking area to Jadewell Parking Systems Corporation for a 12-year period sometime in 2000 but the company was forced to abandon the contract due to the mob rule instigated by former city officials and concerned stakeholders who were against the implementation of the pay parking system, considering that they want to park their motor vehicles along the streets for free.

After the ruling of the Supreme Court (SC) that upheld the constitutionality of the city’s pay parking ordinance and the validity of the pay parking contract with Jadewell, the local government took over the operation of the Ganza pay parking area to continue its operation while working on future plans to expand its operation through the put up of a multi-level parking structure that will accommodate more motor vehicles that will be parked to help decongest the city’s streets from illegally parked motor vehicles.

Regarding the contention that the parking spaces that are part of the expansion of SM City Baguio will be sufficient to address the city’s parking woes, he explained it is not enough, especially during the peak season where there is an influx of motor vehicles owned by residents and visitors. /By Dexter A. See


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