City to purchase own traffic simulation software

BAGUIO CITY – The city government is planning to purchase its own traffic simulation software to help concerned offices in the implementation of traffic schemes in various roads and streets to ease congestions in the different parts of the city, especially the central business district area.
The city’s Traffic and Transport Management Division under the City Engineering Office (CEO) and the technical working group (TWG) were directed by Mayor Benjamin B. Magalong to work out the procurement of the traffic simulation software that will be instrumental in providing the city government with definitive solutions to the prevailing traffic problems around the city.
Based on initial cost estimates from the concerned offices of the city, the traffic simulation software costs around P1.5 million, which could be chargeable against the current appropriations of the responsible offices.
The city chief executive pointed out that formulating solutions to the city’s prevailing traffic problems cannot be done by mere observations but the same must be substantiated by the findings and recommended solutions that can be provided by the traffic simulation software which can show an overall perspective of the traffic situation around the city and the recommended solutions aside from the impact of the prescribed solutions to the different roads and streets linked with major roads in the central business district area.
According to him, the city government needs to partner with the Department of Transportation (DOTR) and a university for the purchase of the traffic simulation software so that the city can avail of any discount for the agency and the university to be able to acquire the same at the cheapest possible cost that will be advantageous to the city.
He stated it is important for the city government to have its own traffic simulation software which could be used anytime by personnel of the traffic and transport division and the members of the TWG in assessing and evaluating the various traffic situations around the city and formulate the appropriate interventions.
The city government is awaiting the results of the comprehensive study conducted by the traffic experts from the Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) on the traffic situation in the city through the aid of their own traffic simulation software so that the city can implement the recommended solutions to city’s traffic situation and improve the same.
One of the problems of the city government in the formulation of the appropriate interventions to ease the traffic congestion in the different parts of the city is the continuous increase in the number of vehicles plying the city’s streets due to the affordability of vehicles being offered by car companies./Dexter A. See


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