City to pursue fencing of Gibraltar property

BAGUIO CITY – The City Government is inclined to pursue the fencing of the city-owned property in Gibraltar barangay in order to prevent the prime lot from being encroached on by informal settlers.

Officials of the City General Services Office and City Buildings and Architecture Office (CBAO) will do the required relocation survey to ascertain the metes and bounds of the city property so that monuments can be installed prior to the actual fencing.

Earlier, City Legal Officer Melchor Carlos Rabanes raised the observation that the city-owned property in Gibraltar barangay is allegedly being invaded by alleged informal settlers, thus, the need for the local government to fast-track the implementation of the necessary fencing of the property to prevent further encroachments that will significantly affect the state of the property in the future.

Initially, Assistant City General Services Officer Eugene Buyucan reported that there are already some squatters along the road that encroached into the city property and that there was an earlier survey conducted that identified the metes and bounds of the property although there were no appropriate monuments that were put in place except for the so-called tie line.

City Building Official Nazita F. Bañez recommended that a joint relocation survey is first done to identify the exact location of appropriate monuments simultaneous with the preparation of the plans and specifications of the fencing project.

At the same time, City Accountant Antonio Tabin suggested that the concerned offices write a formal request for the funds from the local finance committee for the fencing project.

The issue on the fencing of the city-owned property in Gibraltar was brought to the attention of concerned offices of the local government by Rabanes after noticing that the property is being encroached by informal settlers sometime in 2007.

Mayor Mauricio G. Domogan created a technical working group composed of technical personnel from the GSO, CBAO, CEPMO and the City Engineering Office in order to evaluate and assess the status of the property and make the appropriate recommendations on actions the city government has to take to prevent further encroachments.

The concerned offices will immediately do the required relocation survey to facilitate the installation of monuments while working out the investigation of the informal settlers prior to the implementation of the fencing project.
It was learned that the city-owned property in Gibraltar is titled under the name of the City government for public purposes./By Dexter A. See


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