City to Set Guidelines on Roving Vendors in the Different Barangays

City to Set Guidelines on Roving Vendors in the Different Barangays

VOL. XVIII NO. 4 (Nov 1-7, 2014)

BAGUIO CITY  –  The Baguio City Market Authority is presently setting guidelines on ambulant/roving vendors in the barangays.
A dialogue with the ambulant vendors was conducted by the Committee on Market and Trade chairperson  and councilor Elaine Sembrano together with the BCMA  last week at the Baguio City Hall multi purpose hall.

In the proposed guidelines, the barangays or areas where the vendors will be allowed to sell includes DPS Compound, Marcoville, Palma-Urbano, Del Pilar Street, Gen. Lim, Segundo Street, Bucaneg St., Legarda Rd., right side of Kisad Rd., Leonard Wood, Aguinaldo Park perimeter fence, turning point along Gibraltar Rd., Lower Magssaysay, Bokawkan Rd., T. Alonzo, New Lucban, City Camp district, BGH Compound, Phil-Am, Lourdes Proper including grotto, entire stretch of Naguilian Rd., Campo Filipino, Military Cut-Off, Alfonso Tabora, Trancoville, Cabinet Hill Teachers’ Camp, Kayang Extension, and the rest of the residential barangays listed under the 128 barangays in this city.

Vendors are not allowed to conduct vending along the frontages, sides of the private or public buildings, parks, streets, roads, alleys, or any space in barangays within the central business district.  However, vendors may be allowed to sell inside the private or public buildings or properties located in the prohibited areas provided there is certification or clearance issued by the building/owner or administrator.  Said certification will be used as basis to issue Special Permit and Identification Card.

The privilege to vend is for bonafide residents of Baguio City through their latest voter’s affidavit.

The special permit will be renewable every three months at the discretion of the city government.

Vendors will be covered by an ID System that will be issued by the city government for easier identification.  IDs will be worn by vendors while roving and be available always for inspection anytime by the authorized enforcers of the city.

The BCMA will determine the products allowed be sold but definitely, vendors will not be allowed to sell tobacco products and alcoholic beverages.

Vendor whose ID had been confiscated due to violation will no longer be entitled to reclaim, thus, losing privilege to vend and renew his/her special permit.

Vendors of night market, burnham park and other city parks will be disqualified to avail of the privilege in order to give fair and equal share of livelihood opportunities among residents of the city.

They must have updated health certificates issued by the City Health Services Office and must cooperate with the city government in the upkeep of cleanliness, proper waste disposal and in the maintenance of peace and order within the area of operation.

The POSD personnel, BCMA and concerned barangay officials will implement the guidelines.  At the same time, vendors are mandated to report to the city the presence of vendors selling in their area of operation without the necessary permits/IDs.

“Setting guidelines is very important for both the city government and the vendors in order to sustain peace and order and cleanliness in this mountain resort,” stressed Coun. Sembrano/Jho Arranz


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