City updates high school student’s incentive fund measure

BAGUIO CITY – The City Council approved on first reading a proposed ordinance further amending Ordinance No. 110, series of 1988, otherwise known as the Baguio City Public High School Student’s Incentive Fund measure as previously amended, to increase the stipend being given by the city government to top performing and talented youngsters.

The ordinance authored by all members of the city legislative body stated it will be a continuing policy of the city government to grant incentive allowance to students enrolling in any public school within the city who receive highest honors, high honors and with honors at the end of the schoolyear; any student-athlete who enrols in any public school within the city at the beginning of the schoolyear who is certified by his or her school principal to be a full pledged member of the region’s delegation to any national meet the previous year; students enrolled in any public school in the city who shall be accepted as a regular member of the school band or orchestra; students who become or are elected or appointed, respectively as editors-in-chief, assistant editors-in-chief, and managing editors of their respective newspapers or organs of the schools; students in any public school in the city enrolled in a special science class, a special program in journalism, and a special program in the arts; students who become members of the Supreme Pupil Government and Supreme Student Government in any public school in the city, and students who represent the city and won in any Department of Education-recognized or endorsed competition in the regional, national or international level.

The ordinance prescribed the categories and the monthly incentives to be received by the students in the special science programs and special programs in the arts – P500; special program for sports and athletes, school paper staffers, band members, honor students who garner first places and honor pupils from Grade I to 6 – P400 and second place honor students – P300.

The ordinance stipulated that to motivate and recognize deserving and qualified students, multiple incentive allowances can be given to students who qualify under all the provided categories.

Further, with the implementation of the Kto12 basic education program, the ordinance added that the incentive allowances shall apply to students in the junior high school and the senior high school to sustain the program given to basic education in the city.

The ordinance explained that a formula increasing the incentive allowances granted under the proposed measure may be formulated and adopted taking into account inflation rates and economic conditions in the city.

Ordinance No. 110, series of 1988 was enacted on December 14, 1988 and amended by Ordinance No. 03, series of 1990, Ordinance No. 63, series of 1992, Ordinance No. 001, series of 1993 and Ordinance No. 049, series of 2001.

Concerned stakeholders in the city recommended for the amendment of the ordinances to include the junior and senior high school achievers in line with the Kto12 basic education program and the possible increase in the incentives whenever funds are available for the said purpose./Dexter A. See


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