City’s job order employees to enjoy SSS benefits

BAGUIO CITY – Some 83 police auxiliary workers and job order contractuals of the city government here will soon have the opportunity to avail of the benefits given by the Social Security system (SSS).

Said informal workers of the city government registered to be members of the AlkanSSSya program of the SSS.

The SSS headed by Baguio manager Nancy Umoso, the city government of Baguio headed by mayor Mauricio Domogan and the informal workers of the city represented by Julie Laureta recently signed the MOA at the Baguio City multi-purpose hall.

The MOA covers the mechanics for the implementation of the program which is aimed at facilitating an easy and more convenient remittance of the SS monthly contribution payments of the job orders.

In the MOA, the city government, through its duly authorized and bonded representative will deduct the monthly contribution of the informal workers and remit the monthly contributions together with its monthly collection report.

On the other hand, the SSS will provide information updates and other relevant literature to enhance the informal worker’s knowledge on the SSS and the e-AlkanSSSya implementation such as but not limited to collection, posting reports, periodic issuance of flyers among others.

It is remembered that the city council passed resolution numbered 277, series of 2015 authorizing mayor Domogan to enter into a MOA with the SSS for the implementation of the e-AlkanSSSya program which is beneficial to job orders and police auxiliary workers of the city who are not covered by the Government Service Insurance System (GSIS) and with no SSS registered employers.

Moreover, based from the MOA, SSS reserves the right to modify and/or enhance the program, provided that in case the SSS consider that the changes in the program will significantly alter the services offered under the same, the SSS shall advise the city government and informal workers of the changes at least 30 days prior to the date of its implementation.

It was stressed that the MOA may be terminated by the SSS in case of violation o the terms and conditions in the agreement by the informal workers and/or the city government.

The AlkanSSSya program is a micro savings program that aims to attract informal sector workers seeking access to social protection./Jho Arranz


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