Cleaner and Greener Baguio through Anti-Graffiti Code

Cleaner and Greener Baguio through Anti-Graffiti Code

February 14, 2015

The development of the Anti-Graffiti code were deliberated by the Anti-Graffiti Task Force (AGTF) and Anti-Graffiti Management (AGM) together with Mayor Mauricio Domogan regarding its serious implementation to the different districts in the city in order to eliminate the graffiti vandalism this year and to strengthen the clean and green program of the city.

The mission of the ordinance number 41 series of 2008 known as the Anti-Graffiti Code is to bring the public and private sectors together to return Baguio to a clean, safe and graffiti free –city through overseeing the implementation of the code.

Domogan addresses to various concerns as to why the said city ordinance are seem to be treated with less attention yet the graffiti vandalism is very much rampant and alarming in the city. First is the allocated budget for the enforcement wherein it is not included to this year’s budget according to Atty. Leticia Clemente, City Budget Officer. The implementation of the said code is very difficult because of not enough fund aside from the funds coming from the Domogan Golf Cup tournament to sustain the said program.

Atty. Clemente said that they already agreed with the City Administrator to include the said program in their budget. Their agreement regarding the job order will end up until the month of June and by the start of July they will be hiring permanent employee because they created at least two (2) new positions under the city administrator.

“If the priority is graffiti, then let it be part and parcel of the function of the city administrator’s office” Atty. Clemente added.

Domogan also admitted that they have forgotten to include the necessary budget for the ordinance to operationalize.

“I think even me, I have to accept that we have not discussed seriously with some department that is why it is not included in the budget.”

However, the purpose of the meeting is to take a look of the improvement of the implementation of the city ordinance to strengthen the clean and green program of Baguio. That is why Domogan also pointed out that the prepared IRR with the action plan for 2015 must be reviewed and see where to utilize the budget and identify the logistics needed by the committees to be assigned for the strict enforcement of the Anti- Graffiti Code.

The Philippine National Police (PNP) also reported that they were 44 violators already and 40 of them were minors’ ages 14 to 17 years old. Domogan also said that minors involve in graffiti are members of fraternities wherein they already tried to talked with nine (9) fraternities./Jepryll Santos


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