Comelec iterates calendar of activities and prohibited acts for 2016 election

LAGAWE, Ifugao – – The Provincial Election Supervisor (PES) distributed to the different municipalities the Calendar of Activities and Prohibited Acts for the 2016 National and Local Election for the information of the public.

PES Ricardo Bulintao said this is important for t he public to know so that they can responsibly and meaningfully participate in the electoral process guided by the schedule of activities and the prohibited acts to ensure an orderly, peaceful, clean and credible election.

January 10 to June 8, 2016 is the Election Period. Prohibited acts include the transfer officers and employees in the civil service under the Omnibus Election Code including the bearing, carrying or transporting firearms or other deadly weapons unless authorized in writing by the Commission on Election (COMELEC).

It is also prohibited during this period the use of security personnel or bodyguards by candidates unless authorized by the COMELEC. Likewise the organization or maintenance of reaction forces, strike forces or other similar forces and the suspension of elective local officials.

Certified list of voters will be posted on February 9.

February 9 to May 7, 2016 will be the campaign period for candidates for President, Vice President, and Senator and Party-list groups participating in the party-list system of representation.

From February 9 to May 9, 2016, giving of donations or gifts in cash or in kind including the appointment or use of special policemen, confidential agents and the like are prohibited.

March 7, 2016 will be the last day to file application to avail of local absentee voting and on March 10 is the last day for the Committee on Local Absentee Voting (CLAV) to receive application forms for local absentee voting.

From March 25 to May 7, 2016 will be the campaign period for candidates for Members of the House of Representatives and elective regional, provincial, city and municipal officials.

Campaigning is prohibited on March 24 and March 25 which are Holy Thursday and Good Friday respectively.

From March 25 to May 8, 2016, it is unlawful for the appointment or hiring of new employees, creation or filling up of new positions, promotion or giving of salary increases, remuneration or privileges including the construction of public works, delivery of materials for public works and issuance of treasury warrants or similar devises for a future undertaking chargeable against public funds and the release, disbursement or expenditures of public funds.

April 9 to May 9, 2016 will be the casting of votes by overseas workers and campaigning abroad is prohibited. April 15 is the last day to verify whether the applicant for local absentee voting is eligible to vote as local absentee voter.

May 2 to May 6, 2016 will be the testing and sealing of the OMRs or VCMs.

On the eve of May 8, 2016 until the Election Day on May 9, campaigning is prohibited. Likewise the selling, furnishing, offering, buying, serving or taking intoxicating liquor and the giving, accepting, free transportation, food or drinks or things of value.

May 9, 2016 is the Election Day for the casting of votes and thereafter the counting and consolidation of votes.

Also prohibited on May 9 are voting more than once or in substitution of another, soliciting votes or undertaking any propaganda for or against any candidate or any political party within the polling place or within 30 meters thereof, opening of booths or stalls for the sale of merchandise or refreshments within a radius of 30 meters from the polling place and the holding of fairs, cockfights, boxing, horse racing or any form of gambling.

May 13 to May 15 will be the canvass of the results and proclamation of the winners for Senatorial, congressional, party-list, regional and provincial elections./DBC-PIA CAR, Ifugao


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