Contractor told to correct Christmas tree errors

BAGUIO CITY – The contractor of the Baguio Christmas Tree at Session Road has been told as early as Dec. 2 to rectify the errors and deficiencies found by the city buildings and architecture office (CBAO) after inspecting the structure on Dec. 1.

In a letter dated Dec. 2, Arch. Homer Soriano of the CBAO wrote Pilipinas Realty Corporation owner Masihiro Okuda “to supply the lacking items and rectify the deficiencies” noted in the structure on or before Dec. 6 “to enhance the aesthetic aspect of the Christmas Tree as originally planned.”

In the inspection report submitted to CBAO head Engr. Nazita Banez, there were 14 observations noted.

The CBAO said Okuda is in the process of complying with the recommendations.

In the report, the CBAO observed the following: “poor quality of work for the Panaflex; quantity of Christmas lights as per submitted estimate of contractor was not followed; ascending rope lights not synchronized; four spotlights installed should have been floodlights; neon blue strip or rope lights at the corner base of the semi-circular Panaflex lighting not installed;

“There are only 12 gift boxes instead of 18 and these do not have steel matting frame; wavy design of the terraced plants as per plan was not followed; LED tube lights were installed instead of LED strip lights as per approved plans; alcove lighting and groove lighting did not follow the approved plan; Panaflex strip design on the tree has no continuity; Panaflex acrylic plastic cover as reflected in the plans were not followed; orange instead of green pots for the plants were used; and the Christmas letterings should be improved.

The CBAO also suggested that the contractor improve the design, add more potted plants at the terrace portion of the tree and provide LED strip lights at the base of the tree.

The project has a contract amount of P1,235,117 and the design was done in collaboration with the United Architects of the Philippine Cordillera chapter (UAP-CAR).

Reacting to criticisms that the tree failed to measure up to public expectations despite the big budget and the UAP-CAR design, Mayor Mauricio Domogan on Wednesday said he did not directly participate in the bidding but he can assure that the project underwent the bidding process and it was unlikely that an anomaly transpired in view of the strict rules of the Commission on Audit.

“The city naturally wanted to put up nice decorations and even consulted with the UAP so it was presumed that the Christmas Trees will be a masterpiece but unfortunately others see it as (lacking),” he said./A Refuerzo


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