Cory officials accused of profitting from EDSA 1986

LIFE’S INSPIRATIONS: “… Do not those who plot evil go astray?” (Proverbs 14:22, the Holy Bible).


CORY ALLIES ACCUSED OF PROFITTING FROM EDSA 1986: Who benefitted most from the so-called EDSA People Power Revolution of 1986? This article, posted sometime ago in, holds the view that officials closely allied with then President Corazon C. Aquino profitted handsomely, in millions of dollars yet, through questionable machinations. Read some parts of it here:

“The very first big scam after the EDSA revolution was committed quite early: two short months after. That was a blessed, euphoric time when none of its children could do any wrong. The brilliance of the revolution’s halo served as a perfect cover for the loss of innocence that was to begin in March and to culminate in April of 1986.

“The fact that it took time for it to blow into a major scandal, which the Senate has considered serious enough for its Blue Ribbon Committee to investigate today, is part of the post-EDSA folk superstition which made Pure Evil synonymous with the Marcos regime and Pure Good with the Cory government.


SCANDAL OVER RP PROPERTY IN US: “It is inconceivable, in this belief-system, for Cory’s men to commit any wrong. This is why the PCGG, under its charter as embodied in Executive Order Nos. 1 and 2, can only investigate Marcos relatives and cronies.

“This is why it took time for the nation to even start allowing for the possibility of irregularity — and possible criminal disadvantage and damage to the government — in the sale of the property on 212 Stockton Street, on the world-famous Union Square in San Francisco, California.

“This property, known for 25 years since 1947 as the Philippine Airlines Building inSan Francisco, was owned by the Government Service Insurance System (GSIS) at the time it was sold by officials of theAquino government, then newly installed by People Power. The sale was done hastily, secretly, and in contravention of sound business practice and of government laws, rules and regulations.


“THEN EDSA HAPPENED…”: “ It was sold in a manner that ensured a low price, and to the wrong party, a buyer who had no motive to pay a high price for everything — including the rare permits — that came with the property. The property is universally considered one of the prime locations in the U.S. and even in the world.

“It is in a corner of the upscale shopping and commercial area inSan Francisco… PAL (Philippine Air Lines) had always been a lessee of this building. In 1982, the owner put the building in the market for sale. Not wishing to lose the incomparable advantage of having PAL’sticket office in this location, the GSIS –PAL’s company owner — bought the property in August 1982 at a price below its appraised value, as determined by an independent, professional, third-party appraiser in San Francisco…

“Then EDSA happened. The incoming officials of the new government looked at the site from way across the Pacific Ocean…These new officials (names omitted) presided over what turned out to be a rush-rush, hush-hush sale of one of the best property locations in the world. Everything they did had the effect of devaluing its worth and depressing its price…” We will try to get the side of those named here next!


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