Critics, Not This Time Please!

When you are the Leader and something terrible happened to your group, you’ll do everything within your power to contain the situation.

This week a terrorist group called the Maute Group caused fear in the city of Marawi doing what they do best, spreading terror. To contain the situation, the President declared Martial Law in all the islands of Mindanao.

As an observer dabbling in writing, upon observing the situation I would agree that this is but a proper move to restore order. In a research I conducted and based on the previous news, I found out that this Maute Group is trying to pledge allegiance to the ISIS and if they aren’t dealt with now then it would be too late for us. We might find our country controlled by the ISIS soon. Thus, my agreement to the President’s decision. As of the writing of this article, there is already a confirmation that there are six foreigners who are in the Maute group killed in the Clash against the Philippine army. What does this means? Well, it means that terrorist group from all around the world ( some call them Muslim Extremist) are trying to penetrate through the Philippine and build a headquarter here. This only showed that the declaration of Martial Law in in Mindanao is not just proper but also it is the right move.

And to my dismay, people who call themselves the protector of democracy and the bearer of the light of Human rights are in oppose to this action. The funniest thing is that this people have not experienced what is happening in Mindanao because they are in Luzon. I don’t know if they even know the situation there. I saw one picture in the social media and this is what was written, “I stand with Marawi, No to Martial Law”. My question to whoever wrote this one is this, is writing those words that you sympathize with what happened to Marawi City going to solve the situation? If you don’t like the solution being implemented which is the, Martial Law, then do you have any better way to solve the problem? Opposing the solution being implemented without even offering a better solution is in a way DEFENDING TERRORISM.

I am not a DUTERTARD or a pro –Duterte, but I am on the side of tangible results. I am on the side of action. What I mean is if the leader does something that produces a good outcome then I support him. I am for a change not for Duterte, I am for a safe Mindanao, for a safe progressive Philippines, not for Duterte. The thing is as I have observed that he seems to be doing the job that needs to be done and I support the job he’s doing.

Critics must stop criticizing the Martial law in Mindanao. Critics have their job cut out for them. All they do is criticize the job and action of someone but if you look into what they have done for the country, you’ll see that it’s less than nothing. Critics must understand that we have a larger enemy and it’s a waste of effort contradicting the effort being done to fight that enemy. We must join force to stop terrorism from gaining a foothold in our country. This fight is bigger than you, your ambition, and your political agenda.


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