Demolition to go on

BAGUIO CITY – The demolition of illegal structures in the city will not be put on hold unless there are valid reasons to justify the suspension, Mayor Mauricio Domogan said on Wednesday.

“We cannot just stop the implementation of a demolition order. It should be on a case-to-case basis and must be with meritorious basis otherwise we will also be liable to the other party,” the mayor said.

The city council recently approved a resolution asking the mayor to defer the implementation of a demolition order covering the illegal structures at Bakakeng Central in view of the completion of an inter-agency conference by the Presidential Commission on Urban Poor (PCUP).

The order was set for Feb. 24 while the conference was scheduled on March 4.
The mayor approved the resolution in deference to the letter of PCUP chair Hernani Panganiban requesting the suspension.

“We agreed to defer the implementation first to enable us to answer chairman Panganiban and once we have justified the action, then we will pursue the demolition just the same,” the mayor said./A Refuerzo


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