Dengvaxia: harbinger of the end of the Filipino race?

LIFE’S INSPIRATIONS: “… What would profit a man even if he gains the whole world, and yet he loses his soul in doing so?…” (Jesus, our God and Savior, in Matthew 16:26, the Holy Bible).


DENGVAXIA: HARBINGER OF THE END OF THE FILIPINO RACE? There are questions that need to be answered by the Food and Drugs Administration, by the Department of Health, and even by former President Noynoy Aquino, on the raging issue of Dengvaxia: what, really, is the reason why they permitted the vaccination of young Filipino students with a drug whose effectiveness was as yet untested?

And what can they say about the gruesome possibility that, because the dreaded dengue virus had already been introduced in the bodies of your male students through the aforesaid drug, those children can lose their capability to sire children, based on a study abroad which said that a male child afflicted with the dengue virus can suffer erectile dysfunction?

Is it possible that the true objective in the inoculation of your male students with Dengvaxia was the deliberate removal of their ability to procreate or sire children? If this happens, would this not cause the end of the bloodline of native Filipino males who are the ones truly exposed to dengue-bearing mosquitoes?


FDA’S DESIST ORDER, TOO LATE THE HERO: Truly disappointing is how I will describe the order of the Food and Drugs Administration of the Department of Health directing the cessation of the sale and distribution of Dengvaxia in the Philippines at this point. Indeed, this is a malady afflicting many agencies of government now: they will act only if the damage to the people and country had already been done.

We should not forget that even before the Noynoy Aquino government allowed the use of Dengvaxia as a supposed cure for dengue in the Philippines, many already expressed their opposition to it. The opposition came not only from well-meaning citizens but from doctors and medical practitioners as well, whose views were even fully publicized. But, the Food and Drugs Administration decided to be deaf and blind to all these, choosing not to act one way or the other.

The fact is that, FDA has not done anything good for the country during most of the time of its existence. It cannot be denied that, for as long as we can remember now, many food, medicine, and cosmetic products whose nature remains dubious and could not guarantee good health for our countrymen have been flooding the archipelago with utmost impunity.


POSSIBLE REASONS ON FDA’S DELAYED REACTION: I cannot convince myself to believe that the inaction of the FDA on illegal food products, drugs, and cosmetics, is due to inefficiency or lack of sufficient legal basis. As I see it, this inaction is traceable to one of two things: they are either motivated by profit from the sale and distribution of unlicensed products, or they have been under compulsion not to act at all for one reason or another by their superiors.

Now, this inaction of the agency has brought a grave threat on almost a million Filipino youngsters. The question here is this: can the officials in the agency still sleep at night knowing the dangers they have foisted upon our children who were once described as the hope of the country?

And can they still afford to feed their families with the salaries they are receiving from their negligence or deliberate fraud in the discharge of their duties and responsibilities, especially since the future of many Filipino children are now gravely compromised by what they have done? I think it would have been better if the children of these officials were the ones inoculated with Dengvaxia, so they will know the feeling of despair on the part of the parents of the afflicted children.


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